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Size 50”x70”
100% organic silk
Hand spun
Handwoven on bamboo looms
Crafted by indigenous women weavers from Eastern India 
Dyed with indigo, a blue dye obtained from the indigo plant; turmeric, a bright yellow spice used in cooking and known for its powerful, healing properties; and harda (botanical name Terminalia chebula,) an Ayurvedic spice known for its medicinal properties
Dry clean recommended


Wrap yourself in the warmth and luxury of this beautiful, organic, cruelty-free silk throw. Handwoven by skilled indigenous artisans, this silk is considered compassionate as silk worms aren’t harmed, unlike in conventional silk-making, in which cocoon extraction involves killing silk worms in boiling water. Artisans hand spin empty cocoons, left behind by moths into yarn, then weave the yarn on traditional bamboo looms. The yarns are part undyed and part dyed with all-natural plant dyes. A low impact fabric, with no pesticides and little water required to rear silk worms, these throws add a warm, eco-friendly layer to your sofa or bed.

A Fair Trade product. Handmade by artisans in India.

How It's Made

This special silk known as cruelty-free silk (also known as Ahimsa or non-violent silk) is the most humane of all silk production practices. The silk is harvested after the silkworms have vacated the cocoons as moths. The rupture causes the long, continuous silk strands to be broken into several shorter strands. These are hand spun on a spinning wheel and may have little nubs where strands where two strands join. This process is highly valued, and offers greater degree of fiber purity, emphasizing the natural luster of the silk. 

In contrast, in conventional silks, the silkworms within the cocoons are killed as part of the process.

The silk is woven on zidagar frame looms. These looms are crafted from bamboo and other locally available materials.


  • About Sustainable Threads

Sustainable Threads is an exclusively fair trade, eco-focused company promoting handmade lifestyle products, carefully co-designed with our artisan partners in India. Traditional art techniques are used to craft a collection with a modern sensibility. We are approved members of the prestigious Fair Trade Federation & Green America.

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This site is strictly wholesale only. If you have an account please login
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