POSEIDON Face Mask (set of 2)

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Meet the Artisan : Rural Craft Group

Size Universal. The pleats expand depending on each individual’s comfort
100% Organic cotton
Handwoven on manual looms
Reversible with coordinating prints on each side
Elastic loops around the ears for adjustable fit
Has passed the Candle Blow Test
All-natural plant-based dyes
Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low
Crafted by rural weavers from Western India
Set of 2

Disclaimer: Due to the handmade nature of our products and variations in device screens, you may find slight variations in color and/or craftsmanship. Even if from the same dye lot, slight variations in color may occur. This is not a defect, but a unique feature of handmade goods.


Our handwoven double-layered face masks are made from organically-farmed cotton. Soft, light and breathable, these face masks can be comfortably worn for long periods and neutral colors allow you to match it with any outfit. Added pleats allow flexibility of size and can be expanded to your liking. All-natural dyes are used to dye threads, which means you will not be breathing in any harsh chemicals and the Candle Blow test offers added protection. Since the masks are reversible, there are no wrong sides. 

We recommend washing the garment before use. Due to sanitary reasons, we are not accepting returns.

Handwoven fabrics are meticulously planned and created requiring a complex estimation, depending on the design. Handweaving is unforgiving: mistakes cannot be reversed as weaves can't be undone.

A Fair Trade product. Handmade by artisans in India.

How It's Made

Rural weavers from Western India have skillfully crafted this product on hand-operated looms. The artisans carefully string cotton yarn vertically upon the loom to create the warp and horizontally to create the weft. They then weave the interlacing threads, creating expressive, decorative patterns.

Depending on the design, either a single color in the warp and a different color in the weft; a single color in the warp and multiple colors in the weft; or multiple colors both in the warp and weft are strung. Determination of how close the warp yarns will be placed next to each other, precise calculation of where the next color thread will be incorporated (e.g. 1-inch stripes,) and careful calculation for minimal loom waste are some other steps of the process. Handweaving is unforgiving as once woven, weaves can't be undone.  

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    This site is strictly wholesale only. If you have an account please login
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