FRUIT PRIMARY Napkin (set of 4)

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Size 9"x9”
Children's or cocktail size
100% cotton 
Handwoven finely on bamboo looms
Hand screen printed
Low-impact dyes
Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low
Crafted by indigenous women weavers from Eastern India
Set of 4   


Soft and highly absorbent, these handwoven cotton napkins are a great alternative to disposable paper napkins. A good size for kids, children can enjoy these cheerful napkins with their lunchboxes, at family picnics or parties. These also make chic cocktail or tea party napkins. 

Pick from an array of colors. Mix, match or mismatch them!! Packaged in sets with a belly band and a hanger, they also make an excellent choice for party favors.

Handwoven fabrics are meticulously planned and created requiring a complex estimation, depending on the design. Handweaving is unforgiving: mistakes cannot be reversed as weaves can't be undone.

A Fair Trade product. Handmade by artisans in India.

How It's Made

Indigenous women weavers from Eastern India have skillfully crafted this product on hand-operated frame looms. These looms are made using bamboo and other locally available materials. The artisans carefully string cotton yarn vertically upon the loom to create the warp and horizontally to create the weft. They then weave the interlacing threads, creating expressive, decorative patterns. Once the fabric is woven, designs are hand screen printed.

Depending on the design, either a single color in the warp and a different color in the weft; a single color in the warp and multiple colors in the weft; or multiple colors both in the warp and weft are strung. Determination of how close the warp yarns will be placed next to each other, precise calculation of where the next color thread will be incorporated (e.g. 1-inch stripes,) and careful calculation for minimal loom waste are some other steps of the process. Handweaving is unforgiving as once woven, weaves can't be undone.  

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Sustainable Threads is an exclusively fair trade, eco-focused company promoting handmade lifestyle products, carefully co-designed with our artisan partners in India. Traditional art techniques are used to craft a collection with a modern sensibility. We are approved members of the prestigious Fair Trade Federation & Green America.

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