We want to acknowledge what’s staring us in the face.

Sustainable Threads has always been about being socially conscious and recognizing that we are all interconnected. Our business was founded on the concepts of counting on community. The acknowledgment of, and work on racial (in)justice is an extension of that idea. As individuals, our capacity to carry out that work differs – regardless, it is important that we do the work. Whether we are marching on the streets, voicing our opinions on social media, donating towards the cause,we are speaking about the issues within our own homes, or simply reading books and articles to check our own bias(es), rest assured that collectively, engaging in this work and in the process of (un)learning, we have and will continue to create a positive local and global impact.
We share this image that spoke to us.
Protests have their legitimate space and here are some ideas that I found particularly helpful for our ongoing search for social justice:

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