Going Bananas

Banana fiber samples

A Banana Bark Spotlight

With the ever present reality of messy foods and messy eaters, it often seems as though our table runners and placemats stand as the last line of defense for the cleanliness of our tables. But perhaps we take these defenders for granted, in particular, let’s look at how (and why) bananas go from being a delicious snack, to an elegant table protector. 

banana fiber artisan

Naturally, banana plants bear fruit only once in their lifetime, but in the process of banana farming the plant is cut down to the root, allowing the plant to regrow, bearing fruit for the next season. The excess stems (trunks) are normally thrown out, but, here we use these naturally fibrous remnants to create an incredibly tough yet lightweight rope. Blended with other natural fibers such as river grass, jute, coconut leaf splinters and bamboo, gives these placemats a unique texture and look, one that is both elegant and tough. 

banana fiber preparation for rope making

At the end of the day, our household heroes have a true ‘rags-to-riches story’ one of hardship, and triumph. To learn more about our banana fiber products or to review our products please click here.

To many more messy meals and messy eaters!

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