"Mere Ghar Aake To Dekho"

We recently saw theMere Ghar Aake To Dekho campaign (translated as: Visit My Home, Be My Guest).

The campaign was created to counter the increasing division across India, and does this through a very simple process: it asks us to invite people home for a meal. The idea is that by hosting people who are not like us we are able to witness their stories, and see that we often have much more in common than we thought. Through the individual act of allowing someone into our space and sharing food with them, we are able to bridge communities, in turn creating a much more caring and accepting world.

This project really resonated with us here at ST. 

napkins-getting ready for guests

Home, to us, is a place we are proud of. By inviting someone over you are inviting them to see your closest, most intimate setting. You invite them to a place designed, selected, and lived in, by you. Your home, in a sense, is a direct extension of your innermost thoughts, quite literally, “where your heart is.”

We take it that openness and curiosity are the best way to meet new people and learn new stories. A Home allows one to be honest, to explore and ask questions within a safe place—to have the courage to make a connection. The idea of a home is a powerful one. And we want to thank all of you who have chosen to share that space with Sustainable Threads. We hope you continue to learn new stories and invite people into your home, both literally and metaphorically. 

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