The Thanksgiving Table

The Thanksgiving Table

Every year around this time, millions of tables will be at the center of extravagant meals, engaging conversations, or enthusiastic debates; the table has become much more than a mere tool to enjoy a meal, it has become an integral part of the celebration itself. Thanksgiving revolves around setting the table, sitting around it, and finally cleaning it. 

Through this process, we are reminded of the Indian concept of Jajam, or mat. But Jajam has come to be more than just its physical representation, as it constantly seems to beg the question, who is sitting on it? Perhaps this can be the starting point for your next Thanksgiving conversation or debate, or perhaps you just notice who is around the table as you are enjoying your meal. Regardless, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and are thankful for you for sitting at the Sustainable Threads table, being a part of our larger community.

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