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FRINGED BISCOTTI Placemat (set of 4)

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Meet the Artisan : Rural Social Enterprise

Size 13"x19"
Banana plant fiber and cotton blend, edged with coconut leaf fibers and hand knots
Handwoven on traditional handlooms
Crafted by rural weavers from Southern India
Wipe clean with damp cloth, spot clean with soap solution, dry in shade
Renewable, durable and sustainable
Hand knotted fringe
Set of 4


Traditional weavers create our choice handwoven placemats from a blend of banana plant stem and cotton.
Banana plants bear fruit only once in its lifetime. Treated as agricultural waste, banana plants headed for landfills once the fruit was harvested. However, in its new avatar, the plant has been transformed into strong, durable, and renewable ropes, twisted by hand, used in the creation of these exquisite handmade placemats. Spoil yourself or gift a loved one!!

A Fair Trade product. Handmade by artisans in India. 

How It's Made

This product is created from renewable resources, primarily from the fibrous part of banana stem. After harvesting bananas, the stem (trunk) is cut as close to the ground as possible. This was earlier treated as agricultural waste, but it is now being used to design beautiful, contemporary, handcrafted, biodegradable home goods and more. In addition, other natural fibers such as river grass, jute, coconut leaf splinters and bamboo are some other agricultural products that are combined with banana stem. 
Woven on traditional handloom, hand-twisted banana fiber strips and one or more of the natural raw fibers is aligned to be used in the weft, while cotton yarn in different colors is used in the warp. Prior to weaving, banana fiber ropes are constructed by twisting banana stem strips, using a hand operated wheel. Yarn dyeing and setting the loom are labor and time-consuming processes, but this ensures our exclusive designs or patterns are achieved.

  • About Sustainable Threads

Sustainable Threads is an exclusively fair trade, eco-focused company promoting handmade lifestyle products, carefully co-designed with our artisan partners in India. Traditional art techniques are used to craft a collection with a modern sensibility. We are approved members of the prestigious Fair Trade Federation & Green America.

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