Thoughtful Gifts for Earth Day and Mother's Day

Thoughtful Gifts for Earth Day and Mother's Day

All the goodness and all the beauty! 

  • 100% Organic, indigenous drought-resistant cotton 
  • Handspun
  • Handwoven on manual looms
  • Hand-dyed with botanical and natural dyes
  • Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low
  • Crafted by rural weavers from Western India

    artisan weaving

    Our gorgeous yarn-dyed, handwoven napkins are made from organically farmed cotton using all-natural dyes. Made with indigenous, drought-resistant organic cotton. Hand-dyed yarn is handwoven on manual looms by weavers. In a region annually affected by acute drought, agriculture is severely affected, in effect, revenue from weaving becomes the artisans' chief source of income and is crucial to their livelihood.

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