Enterprise for Physically Challenged Weavers

  • Located in one of India's most economically deprived regions, this artisan society was formed over 20 years ago to assist physically disabled artisans threatened by poverty and homelessness. The project involves training and gainfully employing handicapped persons, offering them and their dependent families a crucial source of income by ensuring fair and steady work. Not being traditional weavers or spinners, artisans are trained upon joining the group. Being a member of Fair Trade India, artisans receive Fair wages, besides which artisans also receive work skills, housing and bonuses. 30% of all profit is provided as bonus to employees and 70% is allotted to the organization’s welfare association towards the cost of providing welfare for the elderly or whose disabilities make working difficult. The broader activities are sustained by local and international donations.
  • Sustainability & Fair Trade
    • Cruelty-free and Mulbery Silk blend
    • Made by hand using handlooms or treadle machines
    • Eco-friendly, low impact Azo-free dyes
    • Fossil fuels used only to heat dye bath and nominal use of electricity for calendaring process
    • Waste, dyed water treated before being released into the environment
    • Fair, steady income
    • Employs handicapped artisans and their family members
    • A representative structure involves the production department heads conveying worker issues to artisan member representatives on a committee
    • Provides work skills, housing, annual bonuses and welfare for the elderly or whose disabilities make working difficult
    • Member of Fair Trade Forum India
    • Member of World Fair Trade Organization
  • The physically challanged members are given a choice of crafts in which to be individually trained to best utilize their abilities, including hand-weaving. This work provides them an avenue for financial independence and social acceptance.

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