Northern India Physically Disabled Printers’ Initiative

  • The nonprofit artisan group we work with in North India, employs individuals with physical disabilities. The artisans are provided with medical care and are given a choice of crafts in which to be individually trained to best utilize their abilities, including block printing.
  • Sustainability & Fair Trade
    • Hand block printed
    • Organic cotton
    • Water-based inks
    • Reusable – machine washable
    • Fair Trade
    • Fair, steady income
    • Employs economically disadvantaged, handicapped individuals
    • The management is made up of elected members of the artisan community
    • Micro finance and subsidized loans
    • Housing assistance in the form of free water and electricity is provided
    • Medical assistance
    • Pension for the elderly, disabled artisans
  • Employment-based training programs are given special emphasis so as to make the handicapped individuals more confident and self-reliant, to enable them to earn a livelihood. They receive training in various crafts of their choice. There are arrangements in place to provide free education to artisan children within the artisan community. Apart from this, children go to regular schools and colleges to receive higher education along with main stream children, helping their integration into main stream society. The poorest women receive vocational training and are free to start their own businesses from home.
  • This artisan group is part of a charitable, non-profit organization, working as a center for the rehabilitation of handicapped individuals, who face extreme discrimination. The aim of the organization is to support the integration of handicapped individuals into mainstream society by being advocates of literacy and eradicating poverty amongst the affected individuals.
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