Rural Weaving and Embroidery Trust

  • Our western India based artisan trust uses a broad spectrum of skills including hand weaving, hand dyeing and embroidery. All of the products we carry from this artisan trust feature expressive intricate embroidery. Some of this fabric is given tie-dye or batik treatments, forming unique appealing patterns. 
    Artisans expertly convey their creativity through vibrant patterns and imaginative designs. Look for these striking embroidery techniques! Soof counted-thread embroidery is formed using a simple darning stitch. This kind of stitch results in bold, filled-in shapes and designs. The motifs are inspired by nature and geographic in form. Alternately, ari is a form of chain stitch made using a crewel needle on fabric stretched out on a frame. This versatile stitch allows artists to make a range of designs and patterns out of simple textured lines. Finally, sindi embroidery is unique, in that a framework is first embroidered on fabric, and then threads are interlaced and sewn in place, forming a design that literally pops off the fabric.
  • Sustainability & Fair Trade
    • Hand stitched
    • Made with natural cotton fiber, some organic
    • Eco-friendly, low impact Azo-free dyes and Water based inks
    • Many products hand woven
    • Artisan-owner group structure, allows for artisan participation and input
    • Most artisans work from home, allowing greater flexibility
    • Fair, steady wages
  • Along with work skills, artisans gain confidence and self-esteem. Many have also have gained new social standing in their family and community. They may travel and have the opportunity to meet and interact with diverse individuals in their field.
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