Western India Women’s Collective

  • Artisans apply block print patterns to natural, kora cotton - this is unbleached fabric, and is the purest form of cotton. To start printing, an artisan evenly applies dye to a hand-carved wooden block. The fabric is then hand-stamped, firmly and steadily, leaving a printed pattern. The artisan must add dye frequently to maintain the same intensity of color. Once the artisan has finished printing with a specific color and block, the artisan cleans the block and often must wait for the cloth to dry before continuing. This is a deceptively simple art - each piece features dozens, if not hundreds, of careful impressions.
    This artisan group, based in West India, focuses on women from low-income households, slum communities and offers skill-building and employment opportunities.
    This non-profit group, based in Western India, focuses on women from low-income slum communities and offers them skill-building and employment opportunities.
  • Sustainability & Fair Trade
    • Hand-made
    • 100% kora (unbleached) cotton
    • Eco-friendly azo-free dyes
    • Reusable - Machine washable
    • Fair Trade
    • Fair, steady income
    • Healthy and safe working conditions
    • Employs urban slum women, irrespective of caste, age or religion
    • Provides financial and technical assistance
  • This artisan group began over forty years ago as a small-scale, income-generating project, aimed at training low-income and unskilled women to stitch sari petticoats, also known as sari underskirts. Many women in slum communities have few income opportunities and locally marketable skills. The project blossomed into a multifaceted, well-established program that has far-reaching impacts.

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