Tribal Spinner's Initiative (Cotton)

  • Based in one of the most economically underprivileged states in India, this project provides employment to over 500 families in rural India, gainfully employing farmers, yarn spinners, weavers and sewers. Hand weaving is a traditional activity among the artisans, but a designer or technical staff may provide informal training to artisans in newer and more intricate designs. The organization is a member of Fair Trade Forum India. The artisans receive Fair wages, steady work, livelihood training, and instructions in hygiene and sanitation.
  • Sustainability & Fair Trade
    • All Cotton
    • Hand spun yarn used to create texture
    • Handwoven
    • Eco-friendly, low impact Azo-free dyes
    • From yarn spinning to the finished fabric nominal water is used for dyeing, some coal is used to heat water while electricity is used only starting from the sewing stage
    • Approximately 80% dyed water is treated before its release back into the environment
    • Fair, steady income
    • Employs tribal and rural artisans with a focus on creating opportunities for women
    • Representative structure allows an elected spokesperson to facilitate member participation
    • Yarn makers are organized in ‘Self Help Groups,’ that maintain a direct relationship with the management on an individual as well as a group level
    • Artisans work from home providing greater flexibility
    • Provides members work skills and training
    • Member of Fair Trade Forum India
  • This work provides livelihood opportunities for rural communities who otherwise had to engage in distress migration in search of employment.
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